Monday, 21 January 2013

Something Personal.

The words I speak no longer have a meaning. Its happening again.
It feels like I've been spinning uncontrollably, going faster until I jump off the ride because its making me sick.
The feeling where at first its intoxicating, beautiful, liberating. And then gravity kicks in.
The forceful pull that once left you feeling complete now leaves me empty and with a feeling that makes me noxious. 
What do I do now?

Author's Note.

Before I Kick The Bucket

My bucket list. Anyone’s bucket list, it’s an extension of who you are in a sense your last wishes and desires put out there in hopes you’ll be able to achieve them before, grimly your time is up. Anyone’s bucket list is a personal representation of one’s self and I created mine around the idea to inspire. To be something so possible yet so almost un-reachable. The things I want to do are not impossible but motivational in a sense I wouldn’t be able to walk out of my backyard to check most of them of my list, but also they don’t require sneaking onto red carpets to shack hands with celebrities every week. I’m not really sure I stuck to one idea throughout producing my bucket list I have thing that go from travel to Thailand, to spending a whole day in bed. If I was though, to pick one main thought out of most of the things I would like to do before I die, is a sense of helping others, and yes something’s on my bucket list I want to do by myself but I also feel a certain need for companionship that pops up as a reoccurring theme. To display just a fraction of the simpler things I want to do before I kick the bucket, I made and Animoto video! I thought doing this was fun and also really encouraging. It gave me a sense of, “Hey ya I can do that some day!”. So hats off to you Mrs. McLauchlan and thank you for hooking me up with this fantastic site! All in all I think everyone learnt a lot about themselves, and what’s out there after high school which I think is an amazing way to end this semester. It not only put the cool down on what I have to do next in life, but it also showed me that anything is possible as long as you have a little creativity and bravery.

#100 – Follow my dreams and go to Red River for culinary arts.

Weekely Writing Response #8

News Paper Black Out Reflection

I really did enjoy this project, by this time it was a while ago we finished our newspaper blackouts but I can tell you I still feel connected to mine. When writing my poems at first I couldn’t really see much in them but of course all revels itself in time. I wanted my poems to be more than the easy reads, picking out words the grammatically fit together but have no meaning behind them. So I looked and picked out what was highlighted and easy for me to read. Now I do agree some of my poems wouldn’t make sense to just anyone looking and reading them but I had a connection and meaning behind every word I picked out. This of course was one of the difficulties. Making something new out of something old is of course never an easy feat, but I do think it’s also an advantage on a level because it causes for creativity, and after all this is a creative writing class. I found given time almost any student could successfully finish this project, obviously some on other levels then others but it was a fun way for everyone to make their mind work and see the possibilities in writing. As for myself I learnt in this project I like to be out of the norm. I prefer confusing put together of words that for me have a sense of urgency behind them. My thought behind poetry is that it should make you think, and at first glance you should understand words but I feel a true poet has a sense of mystery that takes the second glance to look deeper into the meaning of what is written.
After all isn’t that what poetry is, writing with deeper meaning

Reading Reflection #8

Book: MockingJay
Author: Suzanne Collins
Percent Read: 1% to 66%

So It begins. Over my winter break I was able to knock of the first two books in this wonderful trilogy, The Hunger Games, and Catching Fire. MockingJay is the third and final story that ends Katness Everdeen’s adventure in her escapades against the “Capitol”. This young woman at 17 is thrown into a battle for her life when her name is called for this first time is the seventy-fourth hunger games in the first novel, but as the books continue her story becomes more then her own need to survive. Katness is now responsible for not just her own life and the well being of her district, but also for the safety and protection of the remaining 11 districts. At the beginning of the novel you’re already hungry to know more. When she first wakes up dazed and confused in a hospital bed I right away predicted she would be on her way to Districts 13. In the previous novels it is clear that this destination was “No longer existent” but this is why my thoughts expand and come to the prediction that the story of Katness Everdeen is so much more than the typical. As I read on I find out her home in district 12 has been bombed and destroyed and she is heading to a rebellion camp in none other than the supposedly un inhabited district 13.  This sets of a huge turn in events since now these novels are much more than a bloody battle… It is a political warfare… This makes me come to the huge conclusion that the rebels hidden in District 13 will concur over the capital, but at what cost?

Till Next Time, C

Weekly Reading Reflection #7

Book: Go Ask Alice
Author:Beatrice Sparks
Pages Read: 1 to 192 

I left the house of the scorpion and moved on to bigger better things. The idea of people being grown in the womb of cows and bread to harvest opium was interesting at first but my mind was to unfocused to keep up with this novel, so on to the next one.
I managed to knock of the whole novel Go Ask Alice in a matter of days without forced reading, this meaning it was a very easy read. So unfortunately I'm unable to give you any predictions because... well I'm finished the book. So I'll have to give you a summary and thoughts review. I realized in this book, which was about a teenage girl I'm interested in self conflict books. Not because I have any specific connection to the adolescent drug addicted girl featured in this novel but because going through the ups and downs of a character really makes me want to read more. I didn't mind this book all though it was not one of the most interesting things I've ever picked up and read but it did keep my mind entertained for a few day until I had time to pick up a more serious novel. The Hunger Games.... I'll get to that in another post. I will say though that this book had a lot of unpredicted turns and I didnt find my self asking a lot of questions but I was curious as to what kind of trouble the main character was going to run into next and after all a book that leaves you wanting more is a book well written.

Till Next Time, C

Bucket List.

Here is my Animoto video! Please enjoy!